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Get to Know "Space Boomer" Anthony Montgomery Before His Maiden Voyage

Actor. Writer. Producer. Graphic novelist. Rapper. Choreographer. Stand-up comic. Singer. “Space boomer.” Helmsman.

That log of extraordinary experience belongs to Anthony Montgomery, who landed in our universe as Ensign Travis Mayweather on Star Trek: Enterprise in 2001. For the next four years, Anthony piloted Enterprise’s NXO1 into many adventures, gaining valuable skills that will come in handy when he makes his maiden voyage on STAR TREK: THE CRUISE™ V .

While we await the limitless options for engaging events and adventures with Anthony on our starship at sea, check out the video and Q&A with our favorite “space boomer.”

STTC: Have others prepped you for what you might experience on Star Trek: The Cruise? What buzz have you heard from previous sailings?
ANTHONY: I’ve only heard great things from anyone who has sailed before. Everyone says it’s a great time and it’s a party for a week. I can’t wait!
STTC: Travis Mayweather was a “boomer,” born in space — are you looking forward to living for a week on a ship like this?
ANTHONY: I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’ve been on a Trek-themed cruise once before and had a blast! Trekkies know how to party!
STTC: What are some Wes Montgomery recordings a novice should listen to?
ANTHONY: All of my grandfather’s music moves you in different ways. Some that I really love are: Four on Six, Bumpin’ on Sunset and Serene. I’d also say definitely check out his album Goin’ Out of My Head.
STTC: How has your experience on Star Trek influenced you as an individual?
ANTHONY: Being part of the Star Trek family has given me an extended family across the globe. It’s made me love and appreciate the good that’s in people all over the world.
STTC: What would your superpower be?
ANTHONY: I’ve changed my answer on this over time. I used to say I would want the strength of the Incredible Hulk but I’d have to go with Thor’s abilities. I’d want to control lightning and fly and be superhumanly strong. Now if I’m limited to only one, I’d have to say the power of flight.

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  1. Carl says

    How would you imagine returning to the franchise? Maybe play Travis Mayweather’s great grandson on Discovery??

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