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Presale Booking Procedures

At this time reservations for Star Trek: The Cruise III are limited to those guests on the 2018 sailings who qualify for Red Squad membership.  All other guests on the 2018 sailings will be able to reserve a cabin during their cruise.

If you are not sailing on either of the 2018 sailings, but you want to reserve a stateroom for Star Trek: The Cruise III, January 4 – 10, 2019, you can complete a reservation now and will be assigned a stateroom number between January 18 – 20, 2018, immediately after the conclusion of the 2018 sailings.

If you have sailed with Entertainment Cruise Productions, you are a PAST GUEST, and you can learn YOUR PRICE only by calling the office and speaking to one of our agents.
All prices are per person and based upon double occupancy.

Please Note: Being a part of the pre-sale does not guarantee cabins will be left for purchase when it’s your time to book. Our hope is to accommodate everyone that wants to join this experience. In the case of a sellout, we’ll create a wait list for those still interested in booking upon any cabin cancellations and refund your deposit.