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Announcing the Federation Advisors & Intergalactic Entertainers Sailing in 2020!

By Jordan Hoffman At night, aboard Star Trek: The Cruise, one can take a walk outside, look up to the heavens and be forgiven if, for a moment, you question whether there are more stars aboard the ship or in the Caribbean sky. Nowhere else can you interact so freely with cast members from so many iterations of the greatest franchise in entertainment history. That [Read More]

The Captain Pike Backstory & Anson Mount’s Path to Pikes Peak

By Jordan Hoffman Star Trek: The Cruise IV got an extra kick to its warp core with the announcement of Anson Mount to its celebrity crew manifest. Mount will join Wilson Cruz and Ethan Peck as representatives from Star Trek: Discovery, mixing it up with cast members all the way back to The Original Series. Mount quickly became a fan favorite with his take on [Read More]