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Get To Know Ethan Peck

Star Trek: The Cruise is absolutely thrilled to welcome Ethan Peck, Discovery‘s Mr. Spock, to the 2020 voyage. This isn’t just Peck’s first Star Trek cruise, it’s his first ever cruise of any type. We had the good fortune to speak with this erudite and thoughtful young man about playing such an iconic character, and what he expects when he sets sail in March 2020. [Read More]

Get to Know Our Newest Voyagers: Q&A With Jeri Ryan & Jonathan Del Arco

Starfleet is beyond excited to welcome Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Del Arco to Star Trek: The Cruise IV’s celebrity crew. Hear directly from The Voyager castmates who opened up in a Q&A as they prepare for their maiden voyages on The Un-Conventional Voyage. Jeri Ryan Engage: What have your fellow crew members and/or past guests told you about this adventure? Ryan: I’ve heard nothing but [Read More]

Q&A With Dr. Erin Macdonald

Starfleet is excited to welcome back Dr. Erin Macdonald to Star Trek: The Cruise. Hear directly from the astrophysicist and science fiction consultant who opened up in a Q&A with Star Trek: The Cruise IV. Engage: How was your maiden voyage earlier this year? Macdonald: It was incredible, and unlike anything I’ve ever done; I hadn’t even been on a cruise before! While I usually [Read More]

Anson Mount Enlists for Star Trek: The Cruise IV!

Star Trek: The Cruise IV is proud to announce a third commanding officer will serve alongside Captains Kathryn Janeway and James T. Kirk during the 2020 sailing of The Unconventional Voyage. After receiving his mission orders, Anson Mount opened up about his excitement for the cruise and his gratitude for the Star Trek family. Engage: How do you anticipate your experience as Captain Christopher Pike will prepare you [Read More]