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Preparing for Our Next Trip With Connor Trinneer

Humanity, humility, humor and honor. That is the superfecta that Connor Trinneer brings to his posts on both Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: The Cruise.

Connor is an experienced crew member on our starship at sea and he’s rejoining his cruise family for more unconventional adventures in 2021, when we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of Star Trek: Enterprise.

While we await the next sailing, and envision more performances, karaoke, blackjack and epic shore excursions with Connor (and monkeys!), the heart and soul behind Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker huddled with Starfleet in the briefing room for an engaging Q&A that revealed why he is so excited for his 2021 Mission Orders.  

STTC: What are your best memories from your past voyages aboard
Star Trek: The Cruise?
CONNOR: My best memories are truly the looks of happiness and joy that I saw on everyone’s faces throughout the cruises. Everyone seemed to be in such a good mood the entire time. That’s why I love this cruise so much.

STTC: What Star Trek milestones and achievements do you think deserve greater recognition?
CONNOR: I think that Star Trek’s message is something that should be given more recognition. Sure, it’s been successful for a long time, but the reason why, I think, is because it asks of us our best self. Our humanity, I think, is the true message of Trek and I wish that people outside of our “family” understood that more.

STTC: How has your experience on Star Trek influenced you as an individual?
CONNOR: I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the Star Trek family. To be able to carry on the message of what is good about humanity, through its successes and struggles is my proudest achievement as an actor. To be able to play Trip was truly a gift.

STTC: What would your superpower be?
CONNOR: Oh, I would really like to be able to fly.

STTC: We know you’re an amazing actor, what other talents do you have that we don’t know about?
CONNOR: Well, I do love to cook and play guitar. They’re really hobbies more than talents.

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