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Discover Our Newest Celebrity Crew Member

“There are so many reasons to join Starfleet. We get to reach for the stars. We get to reach for the best in ourselves. But, most important, we get to reach for each other.” So says Michael Burnham in the episode “The Red Angel” of Star Trek: Discovery.

And now, Star Trek: The Cruise is thrilled to announce that Michael Burnham’s real-life counterpart, Sonequa Martin-Green, will join us on next year’s voyage. Anyone who has seen her engage with fans knows how warm and inspiring she can be, so it’s all the more exciting she’ll help guide us to “reach for each other” when the Star Trek world reunites at sea in 2022.

There are several similarities between a voyage through the Caribbean and an exploratory mission to unknown sectors of the galaxy. There’s the awe of navigating among the stars, the bonds forged with fellow travelers aboard a sizable vessel, and the boundless joy at having new chocolate chip cookies at pretty much any time of night. (You gotta figure that in addition to all that Earl Grey tea, people used the replicators for chocolate chip cookies, too.)

By the time of Star Trek: The Cruise V, we’ll have four seasons worth of Discovery to chat about with Sonequa. As Michael Burnham, we’ve watched her progress from mutinous commander to probationary specialist to captain. Through flashbacks we’ve seen her childhood on Vulcan, we’ve watched her interact with her younger stepbrother Spock, joined her as she crossed into the Mirror Universe and followed her as she took the dangerous dive nine centuries into the future to help preserve the timeline from a life-threatening artificial intelligence catastrophe.

As you gear up for the cruise, get your questions ready for Sonequa. What’s the coolest part of set? Which episode has meant the most to her? Who would win in a fight, Emperor Georgiou or Grudge the Cat? And how hard is it to shoot a phaser without making a personal “ssvvvewwwrrrw” sound, even while the cameras are running?

In the meantime, here’s some information about our new crewmember: After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in theater, Martin-Green quickly found work in independent films and TV appearances. She had roles on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “Army Wives” before she landed a recurring spot on “The Good Wife.” This led to the role of Sasha Williams on “The Walking Dead” and a career trajectory that, in time, brought her to the center seat on the USS Discovery. And also, of course, to the Mariner of the Seas.

She’ll join us at sea with Discovery co-stars Anthony Rapp, Kenneth Mitchell and Mary Chieffo, but as fans of the entire franchise, it’s mind-blowing that we’ll all be on the same ship with cast members from the Original Series like George Takei and Walter Koenig, as well as stars from the many series in between.

Boldly we will surely go.

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  1. Steven Wines says

    Hello fellow trekkers!!!. I’m 61 and watched Star Trek since 1966. I would sure love to go, to see everyone!
    My name is Steven Wines and I would love to be there. I might not get another chance. Have Fun!!

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