In this edition of Engage, help us choose the holodeck experience and watch a shipboard video feed from Gates McFadden.
Star Trek The Cruise III
Connor Trinneer Testimonial
Captain’s Cruise Log – April. Now that all Earthlings have completed the annual task of filing their tax returns and have fulfilled their duty to pay duty to their governments, we can focus on more important matters. Take a moment to review and absorb the items below, be sure to perform all tasks required and, above all, adhere to the most important principle in the world of Star Trek: The Cruise III – have fun and enjoy!
Holodeck 2019
Which Program From the Holodeck Database Should We Use?

During our last sailing, we experienced the disco era of the 1970s by stepping into the holodeck. It was a party filled with bellbottoms, platform shoes, mirror balls and Spock ears. This year our holoprogrammers want your help! Help them prepare the holobuffer by sharing which time period you’d like to experience in the ship’s holodeck!

Would you like to visit a speakeasy in The Roaring Twenties, complete with flapper girls and Kirk and Spock as gangsters? Perhaps you’d like to go to the Wild West and visit gunslingers and outlaws. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet “Sherriff Worf” or “Durango Troi” in the saloon. Or maybe you’d prefer to take a cue from Geordi and wear your sunglasses at night to dance and party during the neon-infused 80s. Or maybe you have something else in mind.

Tell us your holodeck preferences!
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Drink Packages
“Would You Have A Drink With Me Captain?”

You never know which captain or crew member you’ll meet at one of our starship’s numerous bars. Be it Aldebaran whiskey, Romulan ale or a nonalcoholic option, if you plan to imbibe during Star Trek: The Cruise, you’ll want to purchase a beverage package. For a limited time, two packages are available at a reduced price.
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Gates McFadden
Artist Spotlight: Gates McFadden

Gates McFadden, who plays Beverly Crusher, MD, in most episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and in four Star Trek films, is also an experienced crew member of Star Trek: The Cruise. See what she has to say about the cruise.
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