Anson Mount: "Be brave. Be bold. Be courageous"
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Anson Mount!
Star Trek: The Cruise IV is proud to announce a third commanding officer will serve alongside Captains Kathryn Janeway and James T. Kirk during the 2020 sailing of The Unconventional Voyage. After receiving his mission orders, Anson Mount opened up about his excitement for the cruise and his gratitude for the Star Trek family.

Engage: How do you anticipate your experience as Captain Christopher Pike will prepare you for Star Trek: The Cruise IV?

Mount: I love throwing myself into new situations for which I am incapable of having anticipation. My wife Darah and I have never taken a cruise before. We're very excited to share the adventure with the Star Trek fam. 
In March 2020, you will join a star-studded crew that also features Kate Mulgrew and William Shatner. What are your expectations for serving alongside Captains Janeway and Kirk?

Mount: "Be brave. Be bold. Be courageous." Janeway has bravery covered, and we all know about Kirk's courage. I guess that leaves me with bold, which is fine by me. All I have to do is HIT THE CAPS LOCK. Ba-dump-bump.
How does it feel to have achieved the rank of captain on a Star Trek starship?

Mount: It's a dream come true. Really. As I've said many times before, Star Trek was my make-believe game as a child. Getting to continue to play in that world, but for real now, was head-spinning and continues to be so. Every time I sit in that chair, I'm reminded of how lucky I am and of how surreal this whole experience has been.
The Captain Pike Backstory &
Anson Mount's Path to Pikes Peak

By Jordan Hoffman

Star Trek: The Cruise IV got an extra kick to its warp core with the announcement of Anson Mount to its celebrity manifest. Mount will join Wilson Cruz and Ethan Peck as representatives from Star Trek: Discovery, mixing it up with cast members all the way back to The Original Series.

Mount quickly became a fan favorite with his take on Captain Christopher Pike, a character that, for decades, was more of a bar trivia answer (Who was captain of the Enterprise before Kirk?) than a known entity.

In the 1964 first Star Trek pilot, "The Cage," Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter, but the networks famously rejected the initial version of Gene Roddenberry's show, offering him a rare re-do. After redressing the bridge, all but that weird pointy-eared alien Spock got replaced. In the second part of "The Menagerie," actor Sean Kenney took over as Pike, under a ton of makeup after Pike's disfiguring accident. In J.J. Abrams' 2009 Star Trek, the Kelvin Timeline offered a more avuncular Pike in Bruce Greenwood. He's the one who urges the unfocused but clearly talented young Kirk (Chris Pine) to enter Starfleet.

Mount's version is like a blending of the two. His presence is extremely "good guy" (he seems most likely to pop a tape of Dad Rock into Discovery's dashboard), but when the photon torpedos hit the fan he's all about bravery and duty.
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