Trivia challenge enclosed, plus don't miss our June special on mini-suites. There's still time to save! 
Star Trek The Cruise III
Starfleet Pajama Jam
New Theme Night: Break Out the Robes and Pajama Pants

After a day of warp-speed travel, there is no better way to relax and party than in your most comfy PJs. The Starfleet Pajama Jam will put the exclamation point on night one of your Un-Conventional Voyage on Star Trek: The Cruise.
Come dressed in your favorite "Star Trek" pajamas or as your favorite "Star Trek" character decked out in PJs. Be ready to dance the night away in the Captain's Club with DJ James Biko spinning the tunes, or sing your favorite song at Late-Night Pajama Karaoke.
Stay tuned for descriptions of more un-conventional activities on the Un-Conventional Voyage!
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There's Still Time: Book a Mini-Suite in June and Save

If it is your Prime Directive to enjoy your Star Trek: The Cruise III voyage while also saving your darseks, be sure to take advantage of our June special on mini-suites.* These quarters feature a sitting area, a luxury bath with shower and a private balcony with views that would make even the regulars at Risa green with envy. When you book by June 30, your mini-suite will include:
  • Complimentary pre-cruise hotel accommodations at our official pre-cruise hotel
  • Transfer from the pre-cruise hotel to the ship
  • Transfer from the ship to the airport post-cruise
  • Five complimentary photos (per cabin) with a "Star Trek" actor or actress of your choice
  • Complimentary dinner for two in the Klingon Karnivoria (drinks not included)
  • $50 per person credit for use in the onboard merchandise store

Be sure to use promo code JUNEMINI when you book your mini-suite. Book online or call us today at 844.335.6515 for details. Offers ends June 30!
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*Reservations are subject to availability, include certain restrictions and are non-commissionable. Offer applies to new reservations only and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Other terms and conditions may apply.
Star Trek Trivia
Prepare for a Mind-Meld

Spock wants to test your vast knowledge of "Star Trek" trivia to determine your mental fitness to assume command. Are you worthy of the captain's chair, or shall we set our phasers to stun? Scroll down for the answers.

1. Who do we never see on Risa?
a) Captain Picard
b) Malcolm Reed
c) Jadzia Dax
d) Geordi La Forge
2. Where is the shipyard Uhura and Chekov are looking for in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"?
a) Sausalito
b) Alameda
c) Half Moon Bay
d) Bodega Bay
3. What snack does Captain Lorca keep in his cabin?
a) Pretzel rods
b) Granola
c) Fortune cookies
d) Grape-Nuts
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Star Trek Online: Victory is Life is LIVE

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Trivia Answers

1. Geordi La Forge, 2. Alameda, 3. Fortune cookies 
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