Star Trek: The Cruise isn't complete without an extraordinary crew of supporting crew members. 
Star Trek The Cruise IV
Who else is sailing in 2020?
By Jordan Hoffman

At night, aboard Star Trek: The Cruise, one can take a walk outside, look up to the heavens and be forgiven if, for a moment, you question whether there are more stars aboard the ship or in the Caribbean sky.

Nowhere else can you interact so freely with cast members from so many iterations of the greatest franchise in entertainment history. That might be why it's on the open sea; to have something so awesome on land would surely violate some kind of law. From The Original Series through Discovery, with a special emphasis on Voyager for its 25th anniversary, this fourth voyage will be the most diverse yet.

But even Starfleet officers need an extraordinary crew of Federation Advisors & Intergalactic Entertainers. On Star Trek: The Cruise IV, a collection of 16 supporting crew members will add a scientific, musical and behind-the-scenes dimension to the onboard experience. We've got some returning favorites sailing in 2020 — think astrophysics, literature, art and Star Trek production — plus some new faces next year that are guaranteed to take The Un-Conventional Voyage to even greater heights.
Q&A With Dr. Erin Macdonald
More with Erin Macdonald:
Starfleet is excited to welcome back Dr. Erin Macdonald to Star Trek: The Cruise. The astrophysicist, science fiction consultant and host of the online series "Dr. Erin Explains the Universe" said the 2019 cruise "was incredible, and unlike anything I've ever done." Focused on the future, Macdonald is "looking forward to bringing some more unique space-themed events" to the 2020 voyage.

After accepting her mission orders to join our spectacular crew of Federation Advisors,
Macdonald opened up in a Q&A with Engage. Her answers cover her maiden voyage, what she's looking forward to most on Star Trek: The Cruise IV, Trek-themed drinking games, and how Star Trek has empowered women and minorities to pursue careers in both the entertainment and STEM worlds.
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Adventure with Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma in the latest update to Star Trek Online! You'll learn the fateful events that befell the Buran, the last ship commanded by Gabriel Lorca. You can also explore the Legends of Discovery, a new reputation that unlocks rewards based on the characters of Star Trek: Discovery, and you'll be able to command our best ships at any level! 

Beam up and enjoy the action today, Captains.
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The Waitlist Is Your Portal to 2020
Star Trek: The Cruise IV hits the high seas in 265 days and the Voyage has been SOLD OUT for several months.

If you are still interested in joining us, enter to win a free cabin in the Summer of Trek III Sweepstakes (above) and don't be discouraged from joining the Waitlist as well. Cancellations will happen and those on the Waitlist will be contacted first.
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