Don't miss our special holiday prices and beverage package offer. Your party on Risa awaits!
Star Trek The Cruise III
Since our crew members are at their posts during the year-end holidays, the Entertainment Cruise Productions ship goes into spacedock from July 1-8 to give our team some hard-earned shore leave.

While on leave, we're offering six cabin categories for Star Trek: The Cruise III at the lowest prices of the year. If you engage online between now and July 8, you can secure these Stellar Holiday Prices:
Fourth of July Specials
Remember, our command center is closed from Saturday, June 30, through Sunday, July 8. We can assist you in navigating the booking process through Friday, June 29, but after that, you must book online to enjoy these prices. When making your reservation, be sure to use promo code JULY4.

To get your trip sailing in the right direction, consider adding a beverage package. The Ultimate Beverage Package has been discounted from $640.80 to $512.64. The Corks and Caps Package, normally $424.80, is available for $339.84. Just like the Stellar Holiday Prices, these special beverage package prices also end on Sunday, July 8.
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Relax and Unwind on Risa, the Pleasure Planet
Risa's Festival of the Moon Party
On Star Trek: The Cruise III, the Risa Festival of the Moon Party is your chance to relax and unwind.

After all, it's on Risa where we let it all hang out. According to's databanks, "The infamously lush resort planet, orbiting a multiple star in the same sector as Starbase 12, is renowned for its breezes and easy-going, uninhibited sexuality that play host to millions each year."

So slip into your most comfortable island apparel — perhaps that "Star Trek" Hawaiian shirt with some shorts — and take your vacation to another world.

Our tribute to Starfleet's Pleasure Planet is a festive night under the stars with cool rhythms on Caribbean winds. As you drink and dance, keep your eyes peeled for a Horga'hn!
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Nana Visitor: “I’m on the next cruise and I hope you are too.”
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We are thrilled to have Major Kira Nerys herself, Nana Visitor, joining us again for our 2019 cruise. Her cooking class was a big hit last year, and she is excited to share some new tricks and recipes with the guests of Star Trek: The Cruise III as she once again takes us up close and personal into her life and kitchen.
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The grand prize is free passage for two aboard the star-studded Star Trek: The Cruise III!
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