The actor behind Wesley Crusher tells Engage Cruise Log why he's excited for Star Trek: The Cruise III.
Star Trek The Cruise III
Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton Is 'Beyond Excited' for The Un-Conventional Voyage
Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton is no stranger to the world of Star Trek and science fiction conventions. He loves the opportunity to spend time with those who grok Star Trek as much as he does.

Still, the actor behind Wesley Crusher says nothing compares to the immersive experience made possible on Star Trek: The Cruise III.

"I am beyond excited to take the joy and companionship and positive energy we share for a weekend, and expand it to a whole week,” Wheaton tells Engage Cruise Log. “I’ve been on a bunch of nerd cruises, and though the ports are always beautiful and the excursions are always fun, what’s truly memorable is the world we create at sea, together."

On The Un-Conventional Voyage, Wheaton will participate in themed game shows, read from his upcoming novel and play poker in the ship’s casino.

And he wants you to join him for the full adventure.
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Intergalactic Gala
Don Your Formal Dress at Our Intergalactic Gala
The Captain requests your company for a time-honored tradition. Representatives from across the quadrant wearing their most formal attire, from silver-plated Klingon baldrics to UFP medals of valor to the mighty TNG skant, will gather for an important evening of cultural exchange.

Terran representatives wishing to keep it "a little more down to earth" are welcome, too. This festive night puts the gala in galaxy.
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'It's just a little family that we've started putting together here.'
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