You can join our stellar celebrity crew on Star Trek: The Cruise III with special low prices and 10 months to pay!
Star Trek The Cruise III
Star Trek: The Cruise
Star Trek: The Cruise
Beam Aboard With Special August Prices
And Take 10 Months to Pay!

Many of our Star Trek: The Cruise III staff members set up a command post in Las Vegas for the Star Trek Convention. When it was over on Sunday, it was clear a few days in the desert simply whetted our appetite for more of the magic and majesty that is Star Trek. Star Trek: The Cruise III was created to fill that gap, to take the fun and excitement of a convention and add more interactive and immersive activities, creating an in-depth and highly personal Star Trek experience.

For instance, Jason Isaacs' rapport with fans was so strong that the long lines that followed him in Las Vegas could have stretched all the way to Star Trek: The Cruise in January. On the cruise, not only will you see him and hear him speak, but Jason will also participate in an interactive activity. He has suggested being a participant and host of a tennis outing. How cool is that!

Similar types of activities are being planned with Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, and many more. Now you can see why we call this cruise The Un-Conventional Voyage, the most immersive and intimate Star Trek experience.

Watch this video to hear why they're excited to be on the cruise!
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Q's Costume Party
The Pan-Galactic Prankster Is Back
Get ready for even more hijinks and cosmic chicanery on Star Trek: The Cruise III. That is because Q, who has appeared to us as everything from a Franciscan monk, an interstellar judge, a 16th century sea captain and an Aldebaran serpent, is the only choice to host our next costume party!

Prepare your most elaborate, outrageous and imaginative outfit, as the competition shall be wilder than a Nausicaan on payday.
Test Your Star Trek Knowledge
Are you ready for the cruise? Take our 10 "Shore Leave"-themed questions to find out:

1. What is the name of the old Academy rival Kirk encounters (in proxy form) in the episode "Shore Leave"?

2. Dr. McCoy "meets" two chorus girls on the Shore Leave planet. They were from a cabaret on which planet?

3. When Crewman Darnell meets Nancy Crater on M-133, he sees her as someone he's "left behind" after some R&R. What planet is he remembering?

4. Where does the Enterprise dock and have all their trouble with Tribbles?

5. The epic bar fight between Scotty and the Klingons in "The Trouble With Tribbles" starts when Korax of the IKS Gr'oth insults the Enterprise. What does he call her?

6. After the Battle of Wolf 359, surviving members of the Enterprise-D get some much needed shore leave on Earth. Where is the ship docked at this time?

7. What is the name of the Risan "employee" who approaches Captain Picard when he is just trying to read his book (but also has a Horga'hn displayed)?

8. Where should one go on Risa to experience "Lohlunat" also known as the "Festival of the Moons"?

9. What is the name of Captain Janeway's holodeck Irish village?

10. Where was Tom Paris' favorite bar, Sandrine's?

1. Finnegan; 2. Rigel Two; 3. Wrigley's Pleasure Planet; 4. Space Station K7; 5. A garbage scow; 6. McKinley Station; 7. Joval; 8. Suraya Bay; 9. Fair Haven; 10. Marseille.
Star Trek Online: Victory is Life is LIVE
Star Trek Online
Go boldly where no player has gone before in Star Trek Online, a free-to-play MMO (massively multiplayer online game). Become your own captain and journey to the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant and beyond in the newest expansion, Victory is Life.

Explore the corridors of Deep Space Nine alongside some of the space station's original crew members, including Quark (Armin Shimerman), Odo (René Auberjonois), and Kira (Nana Visitor).
Star Trek The Cruise III - Lineup