Star Trek has always been a vision of a more hopeful, diverse and inclusive future.
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Mary Chieffo
A Vulcan Salute to the Women of Star Trek
Star Trek has always depicted a vision of a hopeful, diverse and inclusive future. For 1966, an African-American bridge officer like Lt. Uhura was unprecedented. Women have always been a foundational part of Trek fandom.

Were it not for the letter writing campaign led by renowned science fiction fan and writer Betty JoAnne ("Bjo") Trimble, Gene Roddenberry's original show may not have been renewed for a third season. The additional string of episodes was pivotal to Star Trek's sale as a syndication package, making the show a ubiquitous part of pop culture ready for feature film revivification and additional series. 

As the franchise continued, we saw many powerful and influential female performers — and one of them is Mary Chieffo. Underneath fearsome makeup and a bejeweled costume, Chieffo strikes fear into the hearts of pusillanimous humans on Star Trek: Discovery as the mighty Klingon warrior L'Rell, battle deck commander of T'Kuvma's Sarcophagus ship. 

On Star Trek: The Cruise III, Chieffo helms a leadership post alongside Gates McFadden, Nana Visitor, Chase Masterson, Denise Crosby and Dr. Erin Macdonald. Once aboard, Chieffo will command attention during several engaging activities and events, including leading a yoga class that even Kahless the Unforgettable would call honorable. 

When asked about the powerful roles in Star Trek, Chieffo highlighted one of the great female Klingons: Grilka.

"I love her story of eventually becoming the leader of her own house," Chieffo said in an interview with "Klingons are so patriarchal, so that was a great way to explore that story, in both episodes that she's in. Her relationship with Quark was so fun and wonderful, and she just owned herself in this great way. There's something about that I've tried to transfer to L'Rell, and it's that her strength and power don't negate her sensuality."
Dr. Erin Macdonald
Star Trek: The Cruise's salute to women goes beyond the acting ranks. Dr. Erin Macdonald, a space science speaker, educator and consultant, is packing her wit and knowledge for The Un-Conventional Voyage. Her specialty is in general relativity and she has searched for gravitational waves through her work with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. Still, her heart lies with science fiction, "consulting with writers, teaching STEM through popular culture and fulfilling her life's goal of becoming a warp drive expert." She is also the global education manager for the U.N.-directed World Space Week and gives talks around the world on the intersection of science and science fiction.

Star Trek's cultural influence has been widely commended and memorialized. Dozens of in-depth stories on Star Trek speak of the empowering, courageous and fearless nature of the women characters. And there is no better way to celebrate this than this January, when Star Trek: The Cruise sets sail through the Caribbean.

Join us as we recognize all of the magic and majesty on The Un-Conventional Voyage!
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Star Trek: The Cruise Game Shows
Star Trek Game Shows
Set your phasers to stun for the game shows that will commence on Star Trek: The Cruise III.

You will see some of your favorite celebrities and fellow guests play Trekkified versions of the hilariously timeless games you have seen on TV. You will laugh uncontrollably as our Star Trek: The Cruise Game Shows have sidesplitting moments you couldn’t write about; you just have to see them for yourself!
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