Beam up for a family photo with Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton! How about Max Grodénchik and Chase Masterson?
Star Trek The Cruise III
Exclusive Photo Ops!
Beam Up for Exclusive and Epic Photo Ops
Wesley Crusher was born July 29, 2349, while his mother, Dr. Beverly Crusher, was in Starfleet Medical School. Wesley twice saved his mother, once in 2365 and again in 2366. But it will be in 2019 that the superior scientist and her gifted son reunite on Star Trek: The Cruise III, affording you one of the most unique and exclusive photo opportunities in the quadrant. Don't miss your chance for a family photo with the Crushers — Gates McFadden and Wil Wheaton!

In addition to the mother-son photo opportunity, Rom and Leeta will be back together on The Un-Conventional Voyage for a husband-wife photo op. Rom and Leeta got married on the eve of the Dominion invasion of 2373-74. On Star Trek: The Cruise III, Max Grodénchik and Chase Masterson will be in costume to take photos with you!

Want more exclusive and unique photos to complete your collection? Casey Biggs will be in full costume as Damar from Deep Space Nine! Our censors have also picked up a Borg-led mission on Star Trek: The Cruise III. Encounter these cybernetic life forms on the ship and you will be compelled to take photos with them. Remember, resistance is futile!

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These unique photo opportunities are available to everyone on Star Trek: The Cruise! Anyone who is booked by October 28, 2018, will be entered to win all three of these exclusive photos for free! Keep your communication systems open because four winners will be announced next week. If you win and have already purchased these photo opportunities, the cost will be refunded to you.

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Update from Starfleet:
Fewer Than 100 Cabins Remain Available!

The 2019 Voyage is 73 days away and fewer than 100 cabins remain. With our manifest nearing capacity, we are putting the final touches on what will be a spectacularly immersive adventure.

You now have the full telemetry on photograph and autograph opportunities, but more extraordinary announcements are on the horizon. In the coming weeks, Starfleet will roll out the details of Star Trek: The Cruise's Artist Hosted Excursions. Initial scans indicate that these immersive away missions on land and sea will be hosted by your star-studded crew, including Chase MastersonNana VisitorRobert Picardo and more.

Now is the time to beam up!
Gates McFadden: "I'll Be Waiting For You"
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