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'Tis the Season for Star Trek Revelry
By Jordan Hoffman

I'm hoping Santa brings me some tanning oil this year. While all my friends will be freezing their nacelles off, I'll be back aboard Star Trek: The Cruise, for a voyage to the stars … WITH the stars. (There's still time for you to join us in transforming this holiday season into an intergalactic celebration!)

In my somewhat Neelix-ish role as interlocutor between we the fans and the celebrities we're all there to see, I oftentimes get the best view anywhere on the ship. I'm proud to report that everyone I've ever met in the Star Trek family is a professional who recognizes this franchise has followers unlike any other, and that saving up to visit foreign shores as a group is a bonafide commitment.

Most fun for me are the evening trivia games. I write the questions, you give the answers and one of the stars offers color commentary alongside. Best was last year, when Casey Biggs was by my side and hit pause on the whole proceedings. "Wait, let me tell you all a story about what happened on set when we shot that scene," Biggs said about a little Dominion War factoid.

This year Kenneth Mitchell will join for a program of Klingon-centric trivia, Mary Chieffo will discuss "The Ladies of the Future" and, arguably the most fun person on the entire ship, Nana Visitor, will dig into DS9 lore. The stakes aren't too high — usually a free drink — but it always amazes me that at least one person knows the answer to the final question, intentionally designed to be impossible.

Bring your thinking caps to Quark's Bar City each night, and remember — no Googling!!

Jordan Hoffman — Star Trek expert and Engage special contributor — hosts and participates in several events and activities on Star Trek: The Cruise.
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