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EXPLORE THE STARSHIP AT SEA: Inside Star Trek: The Cruise’s Baryon Sweep

While our heroes in the 24th century can easily zip forward in time a little bit (much to the chagrin of the Department of Temporal Investigations), it’s not quite that easy for a 1,021-foot, 14-deck starship at sea that can carry 3,000 passengers and 1,200 crew members.

So, like the Enterprise-D docking at the Remmler Array for a nice, refreshing baryon sweep, Star Trek: The Cruise V is taking advantage of the extra time before the next voyage to make sure our adventure feels like the final frontier of luxury cruising.

The Mariner of the Seas recently completed a $120 million renovation, making it one of the finest vessels in the galaxy with no shortage of options for those seeking action or relaxation.

That’s why Starfleet enlisted Trekspert Jordan Hoffman, who hosts several events and activities on the cruise, to take a virtual sweep of the starship to envision the Star Trek world playing out on the Mariner.

    • Imagine you are Captain Kirk plummeting from the side of El Capitan on the Sky Pad virtual-reality bungee trampoline.
    • Challenge yourself to see how long you can stay on the FlowRider surf simulator before you end up splashing like Mr. Spock in the San Francisco Bay after bringing George and Gracie centuries in the future to speak to a probe.
    • Take on the twin corkscrew waterslides that appear to hang off the side of the ship — perfect for reenacting scenes from Voyager episode “The Chute.”
    • You will need Spock-like logic to solve the Puzzle Break Escape Room.
    • Ready to energize your inner warp core? Dining options will feature more diversity than ever, with a taste of Italy at Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver, a trip to Japan with fresh sushi and sashimi at Izumi, a warp-speed transport to food truck heaven at the Boardwalk Dog House, or a dose of Americana with creamy milkshakes and a classic burger at Johnny Rockets. Don’t forget your daily boost at the onboard Starbucks!
    • Wind down and relive each epic day at the amazing array of bars and lounges, including more bars than ever on the Promenade. It’s always game on at the new Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade and we may find ourselves singing some of Data’s beloved Gilbert and Sullivan or Worf’s Klingon war songs at the piano bar Schooner’s.

Of course, the full transformation of the ship into the ultimate Trek amusement park at sea will only be revealed to you when you board the ship on February 26, 2022!

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  1. Brandi Veretto says

    a lot of stuff wasn’t open last year, like stuff on the upper decks, the johnny rockets definitely wasnt open..and all of the bars closed earlier than they have in years past… even most of the crew said they were shutting down earlier than they usually do on chartered cruises… is this going to be the case again?

    • Steven Stewart says

      Well covid-19 was just getting going and they already knew about it internationally even though we weren’t doing anything your home so I think they were just trying to wrap that cruise up and get everybody home as quickly as possible

    • Laura Dombrowski says

      I don’t know when you went, but several of us ate at Johnny Rockets during our cruise this year. I went twice, the second time only for a milk shake and sat outside enjoying the weather as I sipped on the cool, refreshing beverage.

  2. Tanya Staszeski says

    See if you can have the comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco on the ship. He would make a great show or…..

    Have a show with singing Klingons and dancing Rhamulons.

    • Dee Wilkins says

      Karen Lynn, I completely agree with you! Same small selection of cold food, served on a saucer was only thing available at various times of the day. I was never left starving on a cruise before. That was not fun at all!

    • Susan Anderson says

      KarenLynn I agree with you! Several of us made a tradition of going to the Irish pub on the previous cruises between 0300-0430. We really missed that on this year’s cruise! ECP….this is one of those VERY important traditions we REALLY want to keep alive!

  3. Kevin says

    Try to get some of the items or decore from the old Star Trek experience that was at the Las Vegas Hilton. That was such a great experience.
    Have some thrilling things like the Gorn or Borg coming after us later in evening after a few cocktails. People will run for their lives 🙂

  4. Kevin says

    It will be my first cruise and I’m a nerd/fan for sure. Guessing you serve Romulan ale, Aldeberan Whiskey and bloodwine. Have a re-creation of Quarks where we can play Dabo!

  5. Stephanie says

    Are the same people that did all the merchandise be coming back??? They did a great job this year!!!!! Please try to get the Borg back on board!!! Larry Memechek would make a great guest!! Probably spelled his name wrong!!!!

  6. Frank Natale says

    I hated where the disco was,, Walking up and down 3 flights of steps to go to the bathroom and to dance was awful.. use the club that the ship has.

  7. Frank says

    I hated where the disco was,, Walking up and down 3 flights of steps to go to the bathroom and to dance was awful.. use the club that the ship has.

  8. Barb LeVasseur says

    No more TexMex by cooks who have no flipping idea what it is supposed to taste like!
    The “chili” was like trying to eat gravel. That whole selection was a slap in the face to Texas, Mexico, and any human living in regions where Mexican food is popular. If you want to know how to make tamales that don’t come out of a can, ask me! Ditch the Tostitos oversalted chips, too. On The Border makes the best cafe style chips ever.
    Seriously, if you have no idea what it is supposed to taste like or look like, spare us all and change the menu!!
    Point made😎😎

  9. Edward Brackin says

    I think you LIE.

    “Of course, the full transformation of the ship into the ultimate Trek amusement park at sea will only be revealed to you when you board the ship on February 26, 2022!”

    My wife and I were on Cruise 3 & 4. Cruise 3 was great. The ship was fairly decked out. Actors were seen everywhere.

    Cruise 4 SUCKED. You DID NOT deck the ship out at all practically. The only way you really knew you were on a Star Trek cruise was by all the passengers dressed up. And there were WAY more people on board. Actors were NOT all over the place like Cruise 3.

    We did not sign up for cruise 5 since the ship was the same. It looks like the substitute is the same. I do not like the inside promenade with expensive gift shops of watches, jewelry, etc.

    The eating options at various times of day were inferior to cruise 3.

  10. Andrea Price says

    I hope Jaime is on our Cruise again. He was awesome. “Washee washee!” “You have the power!” “Qapla'”

  11. John says

    It was our first Star Trek cruise. Obviously it sounds like it wasn’t up to par, but we had a great time anyway. We also ate at Johnny Rockets. As a matter of fact on the first day after we had boarded. I was disappointed in the lack of theme in most common places. Considering how much we’re paying, the hot spots need Treking.

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