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Meet Your 2022 Federation Advisors & Intergalactic Entertainers

The sun never sets in space, and the party never ends aboard Star Trek: The Cruise! Once again, we have assembled a team — a Federation, if you will — of advisors and intergalactic entertainers working in conjunction with our Bridge Crew talent and Science Squad to ensure nonstop activity fore and aft, port and starboard as we sail the Caribbean and make our island excursions.

Our fifth journey boasts many returning favorites, some of whom are in new and expanding roles.

First up, and to our great delight, is Chase Masterson, wearing (in typical gorgeous fashion) two hats as both on-screen talent and event host. In addition to appearing on panels and cabaret shows, Chase will have additional hosting duties in 2022. That dream you’ve had of singing karaoke with Leeta the Dabo Girl just came that much closer to reality. There are few warmer personalities in the Star Trek universe, so expect the late-night parties to get even more fun.

This doesn’t mean Cruise Director J.T. Watters is just gonna be lounging in the hot tub all week. He’ll still be front-and-center at all our game shows and special events, racing from one end of the ship to the other with his typical good cheer and wide smile. After years of Star Trek cruising, his rapport with returning cast members has grown, as has his knowledge of Klingon drinking songs, Vulcan greetings, and customary Risian leisure-wear.

For all things literary, Robb Pearlman is our man at the conn. The New York Times bestselling author will lead us in book discussions and interactive panels, and maybe remind us how to do a Starfleet-style workout. Be sure to find Robb, as he’s bound to be wearing the funniest T-shirt each day.

There’s no better way to put finishing touches on your cosplay than a session with Jacquii Peters. She’s been working as a special effects artist and costumer at Star Trek events for years, and her transformative demonstrations are must-see events for anyone interested in how alien looks are created.

Also, Lolita Fatjo will be back to share stories from the trenches of the story department and production stages on various Star Trek series and films.

Keeping the warp core engines thrumming, we’re happy to announce the return of Band 47, whose masterful mix of rock, pop, R&B, funk, and Klingon opera (okay, not really) keeps everyone on the dance floor spinning like positive ions in a dilithium-powered intermix chamber. To get a feel for Band 47’s awesome energy, click here for Star Trek: The Cruise’s party video featuring Band 47’s new “Trek Galaxy” song.

And when Band 47 can’t be there, the always reliable DJ Christopher J is ready to keep the beat, especially during Gamma Shift. Whether at Q’s Costume Party or late into Mirror Universe Night, keep your ears open for science fiction classics on the playlist.

Is that it? Oh, wait, Star Trek: The Cruise V also marks the return of Jordan Hoffman. Who’s that guy, again? Well, apart from being the author of this missive, Hoffman is a writer for outlets like Vanity Fair and The Guardian, but is also one of the galaxy’s bigger Star Trek enthusiasts, and loves acting as an interlocutor between fans and cast members during the reunion panels, as well as hosting various fan events throughout the week. He promises the trivia nights will be a little easier this year.

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  1. Clinton Pearson says

    Should also get Mica Burton to come along. Her work with Wil Wheaton, Star, and Paramount Plus makes her a fantastic addition to the crew.

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