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Gates McFadden Presents Your New Mission Orders

With captains like Sulu and doctors like Beverly Crusher helping set the course, Star Trek: The Cruise V is destined for an extraordinary voyage in February 2022. Click play to hear from Gates McFadden, who unveils the New Mission Orders!

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  1. Billy Whitehead says

    Cant wait to celebrate Gates Birthday! She is a beautiful soul and so nice to everyone I’m in,

  2. Stephanie says

    I can’t wait!!! Cruise three and four were a blast!!! Glad this was pushed back so we will all be safe!!! Wonder about the hotel that will be used!! I’ll be there in December for a cruise.

  3. Brett Bailey says

    Nothing like celebrating the 39th birthday of our doctor. My wife and I would certainly be there. We had a great time on the ship with all the TNG crew on ST:TC #2

  4. Michael P Feeney says

    … Owch. Gates McFadden just made me laugh so hard over the whole “no, not that” gag.

    Looking forward to seeing her, and the rest of you in 2022

  5. Cynthia Hillier says

    I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with Gates on Cruise III and she is truly a gracious lady! I look forward to seeing her and the rest of the crew in 2022

  6. John Scalia says

    My wife and I have been on all four cruises so far and are geared up for number 5. Both the cast and crew of each one have been a delight to hang out with and talk to. And the parties, don’t even get me started! Absolutely fabulous! With costume contests, karaoke, excursions, trivia contests, shows, and so much more, you’re certain to find something to keep you interested and occupied! If you’ve never been on one of the cruises, you don’t know what you’re missing! Hope to see you in 2022!!!

  7. Erin Haggarty says

    My sister & I (both 1st timers with the ST Cruise are SO looking forward to this cruise! Ms. McFadden – you had me giggling like mad! Well Done!

  8. Maria says

    Thank you Gates (and ECP)! Love that we’re being safe and that V will still happen, even if a year later. Gates’ birthday should DEFINITELY be on the agenda for a celebration 🙂

  9. Jill Gran says

    I love Gates McFadden. This past year on the cruise which we were able to celebrate her birthday. In the birthday card we gave her, my mother and i included a note that our birthday gift to her was a donation made in the memory of her father William McFadden to the ALS Foundation. We are thinking of doing that again. Looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her again.

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