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Wil Wheaton Is ‘Beyond Excited’ for The Un-Conventional Voyage

ENGAGE:  We are thrilled that you have agreed to join us on Star Trek: The Cruise III.  Is there anything that you want to share with our guests and your fans about the cruise?

WIL: Yes! I want my fellow Trekkies who have never been on an adventure like this before to know that they are about to have one of the best weeks of their lives. One of the things I love about conventions (which I’ve been attending as a fan since I was in the fifth grade) is how we get to spend a weekend celebrating the things we love about Star Trek specifically and science fiction in general, and we get to do it with other people who love Trek as much as we do. I am beyond excited to take the joy and companionship and positive energy we share for a weekend, and expand it to a whole week. I’ve been on a bunch of nerd cruises, and though the ports are always beautiful and the excursions are always fun, what’s truly memorable is the world we create at sea, together.

ENGAGE:  In particular, what is your role on the cruise?

WIL: We haven’t finalized exactly what events I’ll be participating in, but looking at previous Star Trek cruises, I’m super excited to be part of themed game shows, to read from my upcoming novel, and play poker in the ship’s casino. I’ve seen some speculation online that I’m the cruise’s official host, and I just want to take a second to correct that: we don’t have one official host among the actors and guests.

ENGAGE:  When you think back to your time on Star Trek, what are your fondest memories?

WIL: I was a teenager when I worked on TNG, and I was as complicated and awkward as we all are when we’re that age. My fondest memories all involve my castmates treating me like I was part of their family, helping me make good choices on and off the set, and shaping me into the person I am today.

ENGAGE:  You are a very busy and successful actor.  Can you share with us any news about upcoming projects of yours?

WIL: You’re very kind to say that. I’m working on a couple of new projects that can’t be discussed, but I can say that I’m going to have some exciting news to share with my fellow gamers in the coming months. I’ve also been finishing the final draft of my first novel, which is a semi-autobiographical coming of age story set in 1983, called All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.

ENGAGE:  Any final words to your friends and fans who are sailing on the cruise?

WIL: I know we’re still months out, but I’m as excited as anyone about our upcoming voyage together. I have a lot of experience on cruises, so let me share one piece of practical advice that I wish I’d known on my first cruise: wear more sunscreen than you think you need. The sun is the nerd’s natural enemy, and it’s especially intense in the Caribbean. It turns out that the soft glow of our computer screens does not adequately prepare us for the giant ball of nuclear fire in the sky.”

Reader Interactions


  1. Stephanie says

    Will Wheaton, I’ve never seen you in person so I can’t wait!!!! A friend and I are going!! We have been on other trek cruises but this one looks like it will be a lot of fun!!!!

  2. Colonel Johnny D. Miller says

    I am looking forward to spending some very special “chicken” moments with Wil Wheaton on Star Trek- The Cruise III. I may even have a surprise for the young man. I hope he loves Kentucky Fried Chicken as much as he loves playing Poker.

  3. Marie Savage says

    I have never been on a cruise or to a convention (busy raising my boys) and now I have the opportunity to do both! I want to fill this cruise with as much as possible since it’s a combination of the 2 things I have always wanted to do and never got a chance until now.

    • Jan Fuller says

      You are going to love it. The only challenge is deciding which activities you will go to which means there are others happening at the same time that you will miss. And the parties are amazing. We had so much fun last year we are going again.

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