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Get to Know Our Newest Voyagers: Q&A With Jeri Ryan & Jonathan Del Arco

Starfleet is beyond excited to welcome Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Del Arco to Star Trek: The Cruise IV’s celebrity crew. Hear directly from The Voyager castmates who opened up in a Q&A as they prepare for their maiden voyages on The Un-Conventional Voyage.

Jeri Ryan

Engage: What have your fellow crew members and/or past guests told you about this adventure?
Ryan: I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone I’ve talked to who has been on the past cruises! I’m really getting excited to have a chance to hang out with so many of my friends and meet the fans.

Engage: You will join several of your Voyager castmates on the high seas, including Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang and Jonathan Del Arco. What made Voyager a unique and significant part of the Star Trek legacy?
Ryan: The fact that Voyager featured so many really strong, brilliant, kickass women in leadership roles really set it apart. The first female captain AND chief engineer…? Amazing.

Engage: What did you enjoy most about playing Seven of Nine?
Ryan: I loved getting to experience so much growth with the character. She was so beautifully written and developed, and I’m grateful every day to have been given such a gift as an actor.

Jonathan Del Arco

Engage: The Borg have become a memorable component of the Star Trek: The Cruise onboard experience. How do you anticipate assimilating yourself into the world of Star Trek: The Cruise?
Del Arco: I’m actually a Trek fan myself – matter of fact I just rewatched the entire seven seasons on Next Gen, so I think I will assimilate very easily into the fan culture on board the ship.

Engage: What have your fellow crew members and/or past guests told you about this adventure?
Del Arco: I am coming in with a pretty open mind since I’ve never done this particular cruise before but I was told by a certain android that it’s a wonderful experience and that the fans are respectful and kind so that’s a good start!

Engage: Your roles within the Star Trek family have spanned The Next Generation, Voyager and Star Trek video games. How has your Star Trek experience influenced you both career-wise and individually?
Del Arco: Star Trek changed my life; there is no other way to say it. I did my first episode in my mid 20s and was off to the races with conventions around the world. There were times when my acting career faltered and I always found a home with the Trek family and whatever show I did regardless of the genre, the fans always tuned in. I am so excited to share the work I am doing now I think it will be a full circle moment all around!

Engage: What was most interesting and challenging about playing Hugh, the Borg drone?
Del Arco: The most challenging thing in those early Next Gen Hugh days was the cumbersome costume, but it was also the most interesting because it restricted me so much physically and facially that I had no choice but to go within myself to find him. I hoped all the internal work would translate to the screen and by all accounts I think it worked!

Engage: How does your Star Trek experience compare with your long run as Dr. Fernando Morales on The Closer and Major Crimes?
Del Arco: They are strangely similar though it’s still outstanding to me that if you Google my name Hugh is still the first thing that pops up. I’m guessing now it always will. But in that same way, The Closer and Major Crimes have a passionate fan base and live on in reruns. As for the work, obviously The Closer and Major Crimes were much longer jobs so there are deep relationships that I made with the cast and crew but in some ways because of the conventions I have that with Trek as well so what can I say? I’m an extremely lucky guy to have had both and it’s a good lesson that it does not matter the size of the role or how long you do, it comes down to the quality of the work that makes something memorable. I spend two, maybe three weeks on Hugh and 10 years on The Closer/Major Crimes and here we are talking about both!

Engage: We know you are a great actor, what other amazing talent do you have that we don’t know about?
Del Arco: I’m a pretty good cook (I get that from my dad; I used to cook with him when I was a kid). I’m a great political organizer mainly because I love it and I think people respond to that. I think I’m a good writer and public speaker but I’m best at being a daddy to my dogs and good friend to those I love.

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  1. Jackie says

    I’m excited and thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you. As a fan of both your characters I look forward to hear your experiences.

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