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Let’s Cut to the Chase: Masterson Reveals a Surprise!

Chase Masterson opened a LIVE event in Star Trek: The Cruise’s Virtual Briefing Room with a special announcement. If you missed the surprise, click below to check out the video!

After delivering that news, Chase hung out for an hour to answer questions from fans. Click here to check out the full LIVE question and answer session. If you haven’t been on Star Trek: The Cruise, it will quickly give you a taste of the unique and exciting experiences that await you during 7 immersive days aboard our starship at sea.

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  1. Sean Curtin says

    Here’s hoping the cure to Covid-19 preceeds this amazing looking holiday package. I’ve been interested in this and the 80’s cruise(there was also an amazing Alice Cooper cruise, but alas…. confounded Covid struck.) Either way, live long and prosper everyone. Don’t ignore Science, Spock would be ‘unimpressed’ with you for doing that.

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