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Get to Know Marina Sirtis

With Deanna Troi’s experience as ship counselor and expertise on languages and linguistics, Star Trek: The Cruise IV is well prepared for any and all encounters, negotiations and first-contact missions that await on the high seas. Marina Sirtis sailed on Star Trek: The Cruise’s maiden voyage in 2017 and we’re excited to have her warm and empathic presence back onboard in 2020.

In an interview with the Engage e-newsletter, Marina Sirtis expresses love for her Star Trek family and shares her most fun experience playing Deanna Troi.

Engage: You sailed on Star Trek: The Cruise’s maiden voyage in 2017 and will be back in 2020. What buzz from aboard this year’s cruise made it to you?

Sirtis: I heard that everyone loved the cruise but that I was missed. I’m making up for that next year.

Engage: What are you looking forward to most on the ship?

Sirtis: The thing I’m most looking forward to is vacationing with my pals. We’ve never done that before.

Engage: You will be joining a celebrity crew that includes your close friends Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner. In what ways has Star Trek become more than acting credits, but a foundational piece of your life?

Sirtis: As a newcomer to the USA, I hardly knew anyone when I was cast. The other actors weren’t just co-stars, they became my family.

Engage: Fans often say your portrayal of Deanna Troi inspired them to become counselors, social workers or therapists. What do you think it is about your character that has made such an impact on people through the years?

Sirtis: I’m really not sure why my character inspired so many people to go into mental health. Hopefully that means I was doing it right! LOL.

Engage: What was your most fun experience playing Deanna Troi?

Sirtis: I think the drunk scene in “First Contact” was one of my favorites. I didn’t get a chance to do much comedy, so I was thrilled.

Engage: What inspired you to become an advocate for animals through your support of the Animal Legal Defense Fund?

Sirtis: The reason I support animal charities is simply because they cannot speak for themselves.

Engage: We know you are a great actress, what other amazing talent do you have that we don’t know about?

Sirtis: I can do the splits!!!!!!

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    • Harold Katzman says

      I’ve seen Maria on stage at a convention in Southern California , many years ago. She is as funny as hell and adores chatting with her fans. She promised everyone who wanted an autograph would get one. She sat for over 7 hours doing them. Yes I got one too! Thanks Marina. Hope to see you again.

  1. Elizabeth Thomas says

    I first met Marina back in the mid-80s (at my first-ever Trek Convention) and she was incredibly authentic and warm and human. I’ve now had the pleasure to see her a few more times in recent years and she just gets more fun and more beautiful. I am thrilled she’ll be with us on this cruise!

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