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Mary Chieffo Invites You To Star Trek: The Cruise V

Mary Chieffo may play a fierce and forceful Klingon on screen, but on Star Trek: The Cruise L’Rell’s playful, approachable and engaging sides shine. The only Klingon attributes she brings to our Starship at Sea are a warrior work ethic and the desire to party. Mary can be found all over the ship, all week long, reveling with fans and her fellow stars.

Watch the video she shared with us to see what she is most excited for on our 2022 voyage, plus a few hints about what she might be doing on board! 

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  1. Susan Anderson says

    We are so fortunate to have the Discovery crew come onboard with us!
    Mary and Kenneth have won their ways into my heart!
    Three very important Klingon phrases you will need for the cruise:
    1. nuqDaq ‘oH puchpa’’e’ (Where’s the bathroom?)
    2. nuqDaq ‘oH tach’e’ (Where’s the bar?)
    3. Dochvetlh vIneH (I want that thing!)

  2. Christopher D Carello says

    Oh, I can’t wait. My excitement is beginning to brew. I’ve been stranded on a remote world, my ratoins running low, and these ever-increasing comms remind me that the USS Mariner is currently oncourse at warp 5 to rendezvous for extraction in less than 60 days. Memories of past voyages are ringing, faintly now, but I imagine they’ll soon grow louder.

  3. Eliza Thomas says

    Oh, how we have missed you and your crewmates, Mary! Hope to run into you in a turbolift or perhaps at the Roulette table in February! Ka-pla!

  4. Sean Ra David says

    I will be going and anyone who would like to speak Klingon to my service dog feel free to I train them to understand Klingon commands.

  5. Mike F says

    YAY!!! Warrior Yoga is BACK!!! Have to admit I liked it more than any other morning fitness on #4, and was sad you only had time for one session that time. Will See you there! 🙂

  6. Brett Bailey says

    So happy to see that she is aboard for Cruise V. She makes it worth the price of admission but they all are worth it. While I may not wake up earlier enough for the yoga after the all night parties, I would gladly buy/share Blood Wine (Pinot Noir) with the Chancellor. Even as Mary Chieffo, she is such a warm, wonderful person when met her at the CON. She is as real as it gets for a ST actor. Thank you Mary!!

  7. Mark Lefler says

    I can’t wait to see more of Mary’s Improv. Such fast and creative comedy somehow flies out of her brain.

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