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Memorabilia on the Cruise

To sign up for on board autograph and photograph sessions, please complete the below form. At this time, we must limit each guest to six autographs and six photographs on a first come, first served basis.

The total cost of your selections will be displayed below. It is important to include your contact information so your selections can be properly added to your reservation.

You will receive an email confirmation once your selections are received and your reservation is updated.

Frequently Ask Questions can be found below.


Celebrity Autograph Photograph
Armin Shimerman  $40  $40
Brent Spiner  $50 Sold Out
Casey Biggs  $30  $40
Connor Trinneer  $40  $40
Denise Crosby  $40  $40
Ethan Phillips  $40  $40
Gates McFadden  $40  $40
George Takei  $50 No Photo Available
Jeffrey Combs  $40  $40
John de Lancie  $40  $40
John Paladin  $30  $40
Celebrity Autograph Photograph
Jonathan Frakes  $40 Sold Out
Karl Urban  $60 Sold Out
Levar Burton  $50 Sold Out
Max Grodenchik  $30  $40
Michael Dorn  $40 Sold Out
Nana Visitor  $40  $40
Rene Auberjonois  $40  $40
Robert O'Reilly  $30  $40
Robert Picardo  $40  $40
Vaughan Armstrong  $30  $40
Selected Autographs: 0 of 6 | Selected Photographs: 0 of 6
Total Cost: $0


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Special Instructions:

If you would like to receive multiple autographs and/or photographs from the same celebrity, please indicate who and how many in the special instructions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Takei? Star Trek: The Cruise is proud to provide each cabin with the opportunity to have a group photo with George Takei as our gift for guests who booked prior to September 28, 2017. To guests who book after September 28, a fee will be charged for the photo session.

What does my autograph voucher entail? Your autograph voucher will allow you one signature on any item that you provide. As our gift to you, each guest will receive a commemorative Star Trek: The Cruise II poster, which is a fantastic way to show off your autographs. In order to avoid any guests being upset and to assist in keeping potentially long lines moving, we ask that you do not attempt to stop and take any photos with the celebrity.

When do I pick up my pre-paid vouchers for the autograph/photograph sessions? Guests who have pre-purchased autograph and/or photograph sessions will claim their vouchers in the Cruise Terminal prior to embarking the ship. Entertainment Cruise Productions staff will have a kiosk set up inside and each guest will be required to sign off stating they have received their vouchers. Lost vouchers will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

What does my photograph voucher entail? The purchase of a celebrity photograph voucher gives you a single 8x10 full color print of you with that celebrity. In order to avoid any guests being upset, we would like to point out that you are not buying a "conversation" with the celebrity. Please know that all of our celebrities have multiple commitments and requirements throughout the day, so we will be forced to keep the line moving at all times. The photo ops will last less than 15 seconds and absolutely no autographs will be allowed. No more than four (4) guests can be in one photo. Your printed photo will be available for pickup onboard. Details of when and where will be available during the photoshoot. We suggest giving some thought to your wardrobe - Tip - White does not photograph well and eyeglasses may result in a glare.

When and where will the autograph/photograph sessions take place? The times and locations for all autograph/photograph sessions will be announced in the Souvenir Program. You will receive a copy of the Souvenir Program once boarding the ship and the information will also be repeated in the Daily Program which is delivered to your stateroom in the evening for the next day's events and activities. It is suggested you arrive early due to potential long lines.

What if I miss the scheduled time? Due to scheduling conflicts of the celebrities around the ship, the autograph and photograph sessions must be limited to the scheduled times. Refunds will not be given if you miss your scheduled time.

Will additional autograph and/or photograph opportunities be on sale onboard the ship? Each celebrity has a maximum autograph and/or photograph limit. In the event that limit has not been met, additional opportunities may be available for purchase onboard. Check with the Entertainment Cruise Production staff in the area or in the Guest Services Lounge for details. We cannot guarantee additional opportunities will be available.