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Denise Crosby – Unfiltered, Unscripted & Ready to Engage

With Denise Crosby at her post aboard Star Trek: The Cruise, channeling the fierce warrior mentality of Tasha Yar, there’s no telling what once-in-a-lifetime moments will unfold. The actress who served as the security chief on USS Enterprise-D in The Next Generation engages with fans all around our starship at sea and leads the wildly popular and always memorable Interstellar Improv shows.

Press play to hear from Denise, who shares the backstory that led to the can’t-miss Interstellar Improv shows on the cruise. With a classic Trek episode airing above the stage, Crosby has led the likes of Robert PicardoEthan PhillipsJason IsaacsEthan PeckMary Chieffo and other stars in episodic overdub adventures. Then, check out the bonus Q&A below that reveals what Denise and Tasha Yar have in common as well as her dream superpower:

STAR TREK: THE CRUISE: We loved seeing you channel the fierce warrior, take-charge mentality of Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Cruise. What else do you and Tasha Yar have in common? 
DENISE CROSBY: Tasha Yar was born on Turkana IV, a failed Earth colony. I was born in Hollywood, which some might say is also a failed Earth colony.

STTC: Whether it’s on screen or at sea, what is it about the Star Trek family that has always brought you back?
DENISE CROSBY: Star Trek remains one of the most significant things I’ve been a part of and as the “family” continues to grow, I realize what an unimaginable gift it has been. I am always amazed at the stories fans share, the values they’ve gleaned from the show, that the show is much bigger than any one actor or episode. I’m not sure who has more fun, the fans on the cruise or the actors.

STTC: Ranging from your father Dennis and grandfather Bing Crosby’s acting chops to your son August Sylk’s baseball success, the Crosbys are a very talented bunch. From your perspective, is it more difficult to land a big role or succeed on the pitcher’s mound?
DENISE CROSBY: Well, since I can’t throw a tiny ball from a mound 60’ 6” at 90-100 MPH and make a guy swing at it thinking he’s going to hit it, I’d say landing an acting job is a Hell of a lot easier! I think baseball pays pretty well too. I’ll let you know…And thanks for the incredible compliments! Go Royals!

STTC: What are you most looking forward to on Star Trek: The Cruise V?
DENISE CROSBY: Since this last cruise was our first test run on a Voyager Class ship, I think we’ll be a little more familiar with the design and environment. I always have a great time working with the other actors onboard in their sketches and projects, and catching up with old friends, actors and fans alike. Also, we will hopefully be far enough ahead of the pandemic we’re going through and the joy of being with people, having fun on the high seas sounds pretty good to me!

STTC: What would your superpower be?
DENISE CROSBY: Ideally my superpower would be to telepathically stop any act of unnecessary violence before it happened and transform the aggressor into a compassionate and contributing humanbeing. That or being able to eat as much pizza whenever I liked and not get fat. I could be called “SuperPie!”

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  1. Kathleen King says

    Loved this interview with Denise. Did not know her son was on baseball team. She is a favorite on these cruises. Can’t wait to sail again

  2. Billy & Shirley Whitehead says

    Denise my wife and I have loved you and your fellow actors voice over improve every year especially on STTC #4. Look forward to seeing you again……Cheers,

  3. Marsha Newman says

    Denise Crosby is ALWAYS A HOOT in improv sketches, one of the highlights of every cruise, hysterical! Quite a skill too, to mix it up from the original script, as they do it. Can’t wait 4 the fun to begin again: I’m hooked! Life’s a Star Trek cruise, in memory and live.

  4. Loraine Glade says

    Love the classic improv. It is a must for the cruise. Can’t wait to sail again. See you all on STV cruise

  5. Dee says

    I can’t wait to sail again.

    I love Denise. She and the actors on the voyage treat the fans really well. I really enjoy seeing them display talents not necessarily used in their roles on Star Trek.

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