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The Picard Crew Is Excited To Sail With You!

Star Trek: Picard’s Isa Briones and Evan Evagora are thrilled to be joining the amazing crew on Star Trek: The Cruise V. 

Isa plays multiple characters opposite Sir Patrick Stewart and lent her amazing singing voice to Picard’s season 1 finale. Evan, who stars as Romulan combat expert Elnor, is the first Australian to be a regular cast member in a Star Trek TV series.

While we eagerly await whatever Isa and Evan have in store for us when they make their maiden voyage on Star Trek: The Cruise, they recorded this video to share their excitement with you. 

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  1. Brett Bailey says

    Isa has sung probably the most beautifully haunting rendition of BLUE SKYs I ever heard! I hope she gets to sing it on board the cruise. It will be nice to meet Evan and share a Romulan Ale!

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