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Theme Nights

Gear up! Each night of the cruise celebrates
a different dimension of the Trek life.

From Starfleet dress uniforms to Shore Leave casual, Star Trek: The Cruise celebrates different dimensions of the Trek experience with an extraordinary array of Theme Nights.

Guests booked for Star Trek: The Cruise V voted on the first Theme Night: The Roaring Holodeck! Get your zoot suits dry cleaned and your tommy guns oiled because this Holodeck party takes us back to The Roaring 20s, just like life on Sigma Iotia II. Whether you dance the night away in your best flapper-style scant or join your pals for a game of Fizzbin, The Roaring Holodeck is sure to be a swingin' good time.

Check Back for 5 More Epic Theme Nights
To Be Announced for Star Trek: The Cruise V!