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Theme Nights

Pack well, crew! From Starfleet dress uniforms to Shore Leave casual, each night of the cruise celebrates a different dimension of the Star Trek Experience.

The Starfleet Pajama Jam After a day of warp-speed travel, there is no better way to relax and party than in your most comfy PJs. The Starfleet Pajama Jam will put the exclamation point on night one of your un-conventional voyage on Star Trek: The Cruise III. Come dressed in your favorite Star Trek pajamas or as your favorite Star Trek character decked out in pajamas. Then, dance the night away or sing your favorite karaoke song at our late-night party.
From Holodeck to Groovy Deck This year's Holodeck party is a slingshot around the sun back to the 1960s. In addition to wearing classic TOS uniforms, boost the engines with flower power by breaking out your bell bottoms, love beads and anything else that says “We Reach!” Get ready to suit up and get down for an evening of groovy tunes and far out cosplay.
Q’s Costume Party The pan-galactic prankster is back, and ready for more hijinks and horseplay. Q, who has appeared to us as everything from a Franciscan monk, an interstellar judge, a 16th century sea captain and an Aldebaran serpent, is the only choice to host this year’s costume party! Prepare your most elaborate, outrageous and imaginative outfit, as the competition shall be wilder than a Nausicaan on payday.
Risa’s Festival Of The Moon Party It's on Risa where we let it all hang out. Slip into your most comfortable island apparel and Vacation with a capital V. Our tribute to Starfleet's Pleasure Planet is a festive night under the stars with cool rhythms on Caribbean winds. As you drink and dance, keep your eyes peeled for a Horga'hn!
Intergalactic Gala The Captain requests your company for a time-honored tradition. Representatives from across the quadrant wearing their most formal attire, from silver-plated Klingon baldrics to UFP medals of valor to the mighty TNG skant, will gather for an important evening of cultural exchange. Terran representatives wishing to keep it “a little more down to earth” are welcome, too. This festive night puts the gala in galaxy.
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Please note: All guests will have to proceed through airport-style security to board the ship, where they will have their photograph taken, therefore full-face makeup and prosthetics are not permitted only when boarding. In addition, it is recommended for guests to leave any prop weapons at home as they may be flagged and confiscated by ship security and will not be returned until the end of the voyage.

Costumes and cosplay are highly encouraged. We look forward to seeing you in full Star Trek regalia!