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Video: Catching Up With Marina Sirtis!


She’s half human, half Betazoid, and a veteran of countless missions on the high seas and outer space. Yet, Marina Sirtis is always down to earth, engaging in any and all new settings, quick-witted on stage and among the funniest and sassiest crew members to have sailed on Star Trek: The Cruise.

That’s why we couldn’t wait until we reunite aboard the ship in 2022 to catch up with Marina. In the video Q&A above, we ask Marina:

1. As a half human, half Betazoid who can read the emotions of others, what sentiments and sensations do you pick up among the guests on Star Trek: The Cruise?

2. Your amazing fun-loving attitude and sense of humor permeates everything you do on the Star Trek: The Cruise ship. Where did you get that amazing sense of unadulterated humor?

3. Who is funnier and why?: You, Ethan Phillips or Garrett Wang?

4. We learned just how much you love your football and Tottenham Hotspur F.C. In what ways are Star Trek fans and football fans similar and different? Is there a big crossover between football and Star Trek fans?

5. Real life or fiction, past or present, who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

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  1. Brett Bailey says

    She really is funny. My wife and I first met her several years ago at a Hollywood Celebrity autograph show. She was there by herself and we got to spend a lot of time with her. She has a lot of great stories to tell that you may not hear at a convention but when its just one on one, you can sit there for hours. She pulls no punches, that’s for sure.

  2. Melinda Nelson says

    Marina always makes me laugh…What a lovely human!!! So excited 😆 can’t wait to see everyone!

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